Our Story

Our products are holistic in nature and come from the natural world of plants and minerals. We hike in our mountains and harvest our Arnica every year for the finest quality strong infused Arnica oil. Our Hemp is grown at our ranch organically and is CO2 extracted into full-spectrum CBD.
We take great pride in making all our products in small batches so every batch is exactly the same quality.

No Chemicals

No Preservatives

No Artificial Color

No Animal Testing

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Harvest • Natural • Essence

I spend a lot of time researching the natural ingredients I use in my products, harvesting my own herbs whenever possible from the natural surroundings in our area. These herbs in my bath and body products have natural healing properties which require low temperatures during processing, so as not to destroy the essence of the plants.

My products are made in small batches with the finest essential oils, certified organic CBD from industrial full spectrum Hemp oil, local beeswax, healing herbs, oils and butters. They are created with extreme care, and I feel that they surpass all commercially developed similar products.

"Small batches are one thing, but this formulator takes it to the extreme"; says husband and associate, Bill Morris. We work together to warm up the ingredients, when called for to the lowest working temperatures and then blend in small batches by hand ,mixing by hand, packaging ,labeling and all handling by hand until we ship to you by our personal trips to the shipping agency. You just can't get more hands on from start to finish! That is what makes these products so quality driven and effective; a little bit of both of us in each and every one.

FDA Disclosure

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